Guiding Questions

  1. To what extent have CD projects lived up to their goals of protecting and enhancing biodiversity, ecosystem services, and other natural resources?
  2. How do factors such as project scale, landscape context, site design, financing, land stewardship, and institutional context contribute to conservation outcomes?
  3. What factors drive the individual‐ and policy‐level decisions to implement CD, and what are the financial risks and returns associated with CD projects?
  4. How can existing research on the social, economic, and ecological effects of land development be synthesized and applied to establish rigorous yet context‐sensitive guidelines for CD practice?

Research Initiatives

  1. Literature Review to synthesize the state of our knowledge regarding the ecological, economic, and social dimensions of residential land development.
  2. Land Use Analysis to map the composition of land use and land cover within CD projects and compare them to nearby conventional subdivisions.
  3. Financial Analysis to examine the sales price and appreciation of homes in CD subdivisions and compare them to homes in conventional subdivisions.
  4. Needs Assessment which draws on interviews and survey data to develop a collaborative learning network for practitioners engaged in CD.