Nature in the City

Nature in the City is a 15-month City of Fort Collins project that began in January 2014 and is set to be complete in March 2015. This effort, led by Lindsay Ex, will develop a Nature in the City Strategic Plan to ensure that every citizen has access to nature. The Strategic Plan will include design guidelines, policies, and actions designed to achieve this goal. An interdisciplinary team has been formed between the City and Colorado State University to address three main objectives:

  1. Ensure every resident is within a 10-minute walk to nature,
  2. Have natural spaces that provide diverse social and ecological opportunities, and
  3. Continue to shift the landscape aesthetic from lawns to more diverse landscapes that support healthy environments for all species.


Project Phases:

  • Phase One - The first year of the project is primarily devoted to data collection and analysis to assess our existing assets/gaps of Nature in the City from a triple bottom line perspective.
  • Phase Two - In August of 2014 the team will begin to work on developing a strategic plan.
  • Phase Three - To finish the project, initial implementation will start in December 2014 and last through March 2015.


More information can be found at the Nature in the City website.